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How do I upgrade my monthly budget?

To amend your monthly budget, select Cooperation from the first drop-down menu at the bottom of your idealo Business Account, and then Other Contract Issues from the second drop-down menu. You can then request a budget change in the available text box.

Alternatively, you can always contact your dedicated Account Manager to ask for an amendment to your monthly budget.

How do I implement a B2B SEPA payment structure?

A B2B SEPA payment structure makes it possible for your invoices to be paid automatically, therefore preventing your offers from going offline due to non-payment.

Contact your Account Manager to request a SEPA set-up and you will receive a document that has to be completed and signed by both you and your bank. Once completed and returned to us, SEPA will be your new payment method.

Please note: any invoices that are unpaid before your SEPA is set up will need to be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

What is the deposit needed for?

The safety deposit is a form of security for us in the event that invoices are not paid. Should the partnership come to an end, and there are no outstanding invoices, the security deposit will be refunded.

Where can I find my click statistics?

Your click statistics can be accessed through your idealo Business Account. Please log in here.

An overview of click statistics is available once logging into your idealo Business Account. For an in-depth view of the statistics, select Offers on the top navigation bar and select Click data. You can select a specific timeframe for the statistics if you wish.

How can I track performance?

Within your idealo Business Account, you can access various dashboards and generate click reports.

For information relating to which products and categories are generating traffic for your listing. Select Offers -> Click data and scroll down to Your Top Offers and Categories with the Most Clicks.

Information about product performance can also be access by selecting Offers -> Offer data.

Why is my listing offline?

Your listing could be offline due to one of the following reasons:

- Your monthly budget has been reached

- Your data feed has an error and is no longer available

- We’ve had to pause your listing due to incorrect prices/delivery times

- Not all invoices have been paid

If you have a query relating to your listing being offline, contact your appointed Account Manager.

Why do I see the wrong delivery cost or delivery time?

All delivery information we display is pulled from your feed. To update or amend this information, change it directly in your feed. Our system updates your feed every 30 minutes.

For further assistance regarding your feed, contact your Technical Account Manager via tam@idealo.co.uk

Why don't I see a specific offer of mine on idealo?

If you can't see a specific product offer on idealo, double-check your feed. As we pull all relevant information from your product feed directly, it’s essential that it is always up to date.

Our system updates shop feeds every 30 minutes and products marked as OOS (Out of Stock) are automatically filtered out.

Making small changes to your feed is fine. However, if you make significant changes to your feed, there is a risk that your products won't be listed on our site for a few hours. If you make any significant updates to your feed, please inform us immediately via tam@idealo.co.uk to avoid offers not being listed.

Please note that idealo reserves the right to filter out any products that are deemed unsuitable.

Why is my product not appearing as a comparable offer for consumers?

idealo uses unique product identifiers to recognise and link products from your feed to the millions we have in our system. These products are sorted and categorised, then placed onto our site for comparison.

To ensure that your product offers appear in the correct categories, we strongly recommend that you provide all identifiers - such as the manufacturer's barcode number (EAN, GTIN) or Manufacturer Product Number/Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) - in your product feed. Correct identification also means faster automation and quicker updates.

On rare occasions, idealo may decide to remove a product from our site to be checked manually. This can happen if a price is either too low or too high compared to the average price and is done to protect our users and partners from potential fraud.

Although our dedicated Content Team is always working manually to create as many product categories as possible, it is possible that a particular category has not yet been created on a certain idealo platform.

How can I launch and manage international campaigns?

To launch international campaigns, you can contact your Account Manager. Alternatively, click on My idealo in your idealo Business Account and select Settings.

Click on registration form and fill out the necessary text fields.

Once your new website has been integrated, you will have the possibility to switch between your different campaigns in your existing idealo Business account.

Can I list additional websites?

Additional shop websites can be added to your existing portfolio at any time, by registering the additional sites in your idealo Business Account.

To do this, click on My idealo, select Settings, click on registration form, and fill out the necessary text fields.

How do I configure a voucher?

To submit vouchers directly in your feed, do the following:

Insert a new column with the coupon code and a short description. Please put the code at the beginning and the description in brackets at the end, e.g., "ACTION-SUMMER2020 (10 % discount from 200 EUR purchase value / valid until 31.12.2020)". It’s important to stick to this structure.

In total you can use a maximum of 200 characters. Text that is longer will be cut off.

For offers without a voucher, simply leave the field empty. In the case of different vouchers - these can also be transferred in the same file, but only one voucher can be provided per offer.

The discounted price must be transferred in an extra column (e.g., "Special price").
If a new price column is used and a valid value is included for an offer, this value will be displayed as price.
Non-discounted prices need not be transferred to the new column. These will still be read from the old price column.

No vouchers should be transferred “in advance”. They should only be used during the exact promotional period. Once the promotional period is over, the voucher should be removed. This also applies to discounted prices.

Please inform us via tam@idealo.co.uk when you have transmitted any vouchers, as we may have to carry out adjustments in our system.

How can I change my login details?

Log into your idealo Business Account. Navigate to My idealo and select Change Password.

Can I give another person access to my idealo Business Account?

Additional users can be given access to your idealo Business Account if you so wish.

Navigate to My idealo -> Settings and select User management. Click on Invite a new user and add the relevant details.


Why do I receive an invoice If I have paid a deposit?

We do not use your deposit to pay monthly invoices. The refundable deposit is only requested as a form of security for us in the event that invoices are not paid at all.

Where can I access my invoices?

Invoices can be viewed and downloaded in your idealo Business Account, which can be accessed here.

Click on My idealo and select Invoices. Invoices are available for viewing and downloading within the first week of every month.

Technical Implementation

How can I get my new/updated feed integrated?

To change/update your feed, simply send an email to tam@idealo.co.uk with your new feed URL.

How do I create a feed?

To create a feed, please use the following guidelines.

Who can I contact if I have technical questions about my listing?

If you have any technical questions, you can send us a message by selecting an option from the Contact drop-down menu at the bottom of your idealo Business Account. Select the topic of Technical Integration and the relevant Topic.

Alternatively, contact your Technical Account Manager via tam@idealo.co.uk

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