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Grow inside your market

We open doors for you where you need it.

Idealo is the way to show your offers to people who wouldn’t find it otherwise.


Cross borders of your country

Ready to go international? idealo can help


Get more orders within your country


With the help of a simple data feed, idealo connects your webshop with millions of online shoppers searching for what you offer. Together with a vast team of Content, IT, and Marketing experts, we work hard to ensure high-quality traffic is channelled to our partners’ websites, resulting in additional orders and revenue.

Our team is at your side with numerous solutions and knowledge, based on more than 20 years' of experience in e-commerce, to promote your listing. Whether it involves pushing your product offers with the help of online vouchers or extensive content projects tailored to the needs of your webshop; we’ve got it covered. Your dedicated idealo Account Manager will review your performance with you and help you to make the most out of our partnership. 

Go international with idealo


Why only grow at home when you can spread your reach across Europe? Regardless of whether you want to boost the traffic of your English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Austrian website: we are visited by several million monthly users in all these 6 countries.

Listing on idealo is a great alternative to paying high amounts for SEM campaigns, online teasers, or for other marketing channels. We can connect you to the people you’re wanting to attract, as our users know exactly what they’re looking for.

Newbies welcome: Partner services tailored to your needs


It’s our tens of thousands of B2B partners that make idealo a success. Our extensive range of partner services is tailored to the very different needs of our webshops, irrespective of their size. With different feed creation solutions, plugins, and content optimisation possibilities, we’ll make your cooperation with us work.

We’ll also help you increase your cross-border footprint and assist with issues such as necessary site translation.  

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