Partner News – Edition #8

The German version of this blog entry can be found here.


Dear partners,

many thanks for an amazing and exciting 2018 which had also a full workload!

We wish you a successful new one and look forward to a promising 2019 together with you.

Our first edition in this year comes under the slogan ‘new year – new features’.


New API interface for offer data now available

As announced in the last edition, we developed the API for offer data (PartnerWebService – PWS) asnew. The version 2.0 of this interface is now available for both partners and merchants.

This PWS 2.0 is replacing PWS 1.9 and of course we will keep you up to date in our partner news about any further planning. Those versions are not compatible with each other, which results in a migration for a PWS 1.x user to the PWS 2.x. Since the beta release last year, more than ten partners have started to connect their services using this new interface.

To get access to this new API, secret credentials are needed. The assignation takes place via our portal idealo Business.

We provide you here a quick guide in order to create the secret key pair for PWS 2.x under this link.


DIY – access to sandboxes and test environment of our interfaces

Next to the PWS 2.x, the interface for the idealo Checkout interface (MOAPI) is also now ready for self-service.
At idealo Business you can create a token for the production and staging enviroment and furthermore generate test transactions for the idealo Checkout. You are no longer depended on a Partner Manager and can do this completely on your own.

How do I get a token to the sandbox of the MOAPI and how can I use the test environment?

You do not have an unlocked a sandbox access yet? Message us: YES – we would like to have access to idealo Business.


New features at the MOAPI

idealo Checkout brings continualy new features for merchants. For some time now, we have been testing with selected retailers the optimization of sales prices for this important sales channel. For this purpose, merchants send us a minimum price (MinPrice) with their offer data.

How does this work?

With the feature´price range for idealo Checkout´ the prices of a merchant offer will be flexibly aligned to the prices of other competitors. The merchant provide us an additional attribute within his offer data, marked as ´lower price limit´ (MinPrice). Within the scope of the difference between the selling price and the lowest price limit, idealo finds the best and most competitive price for a checkout offer and adjust it fully automated and in real time. Participating merchants increase their visibility significantly and gain in sales.

In order to be able to transparently transmit the price difference between the ‘conventional selling price (CSP)’ and the reduced sales price to the merchant, we will extend the interface for order data (MOAPI) by another two fields. We will be able to break down the difference between the merchant CSP and the new selling price of an order after reduction due to flex pricing. We will soon adapt the documentation and make these new fields available on our sandbox enviroment. A release is scheduled for end of beginn/middle of  February.

 Click here for the latest documentation of our Merchant Order API.

Our partner management is at your side for any questions regarding the functionality and any feature requests.



  • We are launching new payment options for end consumer this quarter within idealo checkout. Due to this upcoming feature, a few changes will be neccessary. A new endpoint will be created and a payment method within the MOAPI, the interface for idealo checkout, will be replaced.