Partner News – Edition #7

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Dear partner,

the year is coming to an end and the amount of transactions in the e-commerce is steadily increasing. A highlight became two weeks ago with Black Friday, which far exceeded the record of the previous year.

In 2018, we did a lot to get customers to the right offer, to provide merchants with more high-quality traffic and also expand idealo checkout with new features for both user and merchant.



Implementing filter options for users on our product pages

In the middle of the year, we successfully completed the implementation of a brand new filter option on for shoe sizes and rolled it out in many other categories, especially in the fashion segments.

As in the case of footwear, we also achieved considerable success here: shoe traders reached a sales boost up to 142 percent. In subsequent categories, sales have doubled in a short amount of time.

We are now aiming for more variations beyond of fashion categories. On the most popular product sites all over idealo, we will provide another 20 to 30 categories per quarter throughout next year with this new option for users.

A user on idealo will be enabled to find the sought-after variant easier, which is not  only limited to colour or model. Furthermore, this filtering feature has made it possible to activate these products additionally into idealo checkout (also known as “idealo Direktkauf). Offers for which these attributes have not been transferred to idealo, cannot longer be displayed when users actively chose a filter.

A list of affected products areas is available to download from this source.

The transmission of correct delivery options should also get additional attention, such as freight-forwarding goods. Within idealo checkout it is possible to raise the conversion rate up to 67 percent thanks to this addition of options.

We continue to strengthen merchants with this important market opportunity for their offers. Conversely it´s becoming increasingly important for distributors to correctly and fully supply their data submissions with these characteristics as well. Well-groomed data gives merchants more sales, as we noticed in the beauty section with a 22% increase.

Refactoring of our interface for offer data (PWS 2.0)

Additionally to the transfer of all required offer attributes, the transfer of data in real-time from the merchant side is getting more and more important. They are several reasons why data is not up-to-date with us anymore: Price adjustments on the merchant side, or even stock movements could lead to activation or deactivation and should to be reflected with idealo. Those reasons necessarily require a posthaste data update with us.

At the end of 2016, we processed one billion data changes per day, compared to 2.5 billion a year later. We are currently processing nearly 5 billion data changes daily. The majority of merchants are using a time-shifted option of data-feeds via URL or store their data on an FTP-server.

These data-feeds can be retrieved by us within a maximal minimum of five minutes. Due to the high data volumes, this interval can not be further reduced. However, sales on other distribution channels, as well as the use of repricing on the merchant site, require a faster option of data submission. idealo as an indispensable marketing and distribution channel is reliant on high frequent updates for some mandatory attributes. Both to avoid overselling and to constantly optimise prices of the merchant.

Since more than 16 years we provide an API, the PartnerWebService (PWS), currently in version 1.9.
This interface has now been technically refactored and brought up to the latest technological standards. The PWS version 2.0 will be available to merchants and partners (expected in Q1) in 2019. A first documentation is available at

Interested in implementing this new API?
Get in touch to get a sandbox environment.

Our partner management is available for any comment to the documentation and also for feature requests regarding this API. With the first partners, we will start implementations in January.


  • We are evaluating a parallel submission of offer-data via feed URL combined with the new PWS 2.0
  • Introduction of meta-data into the offer-data files, delivered via FTP or feed URL
  • We will provide additional payment options in 2019 for idealo checkout. This will require changes to the MOAPI, the interface for idealo checkout