Partner News – Edition #6

Important information about the modifications on our interfaces

We inform you about important changes of our interfaces. Please read this carefully and act promptly if necessary!
Do you have any questions about these changes? Get back to us anytime and we will be happy to assist in implementing those changes of our interfaces.

The most recent documentation to all our interfaces are described here.



Removal of attributes from our interface for idealo direct purchase

Starting 8th of November 2018 the following deprecated attributes will no longer be delivered:

• total_tax
• vat_rate

These attributes have been obsolete since December 2015 and should no longer be used. This is why these are removed from the Merchant Order API (MOAPI). The valued added taxes rates must be configured by merchants in their systems. idealo has no full knowledge about the tax liability of an entrepreneur. If these attributes are still used, the order import may be disrupted. Therefore, we would like you to adjust your systems soon, latest at November 8, 2018.

New features for idealo Direktkauf (direct purchase)

We also want to let you know there are new features available on our Merchant Order API.
These are:

  1. voucher.code → We will use this new attribute to transfer the voucher code from the import data of a merchant, which was available at the time of the order.
  2. former_price → Price before the reduction of an offer due to a voucher, which has been handed over to us in the offer data.
  3. In addition to parcel and freight forwarding goods, we now accept the labeling of an offer as a downloadable item. Merchants should be encouraged to use the value DOWNLOAD of the existing idealo direct purchase attribute “fulfillment type” within their import data. We will deliver this back as ‘fulfillment.fulfillment_option’ on our MOAPI. Workflows can now be based on this new value and these downloadable articles can be fulfilled faster by merchants.

Further planned changes for the Merchant Order API:

• Support of content for repricing in the idealo direct purchase, to transmit full pricing information about an order.
• Details about the age respectively date of birth of a customer, to enable a legally compliant checkout for specific products.

Info (i) Sending vouchers by e-mail is no longer supported

Since 17th October this year, traders no longer have the option to send over voucher and their conditions by e-mail to idealo. These are only to be transmitted via a feed-URL/CSV-import or using our offer data API (also known as PWS). Existing vouchers, which previously have been added by idealo manually, are disabled from that date on. Merchants could contact you for assistance in getting these attributes to idealo through your solution.